How Do I Get iPhone Photos onto My Computer?

Q. How can I get the photos that I take with my iPhone to my computer without emailing them?

A. The easiest way is to just plug the iPhone into your computer with the USB adapter (it's the same plug that goes into your dock and/or AC plug).

If you're using a Mac it's super easy because iPhoto will pop up and invite you to import all your photos.

If you're on a PC then your iPhone will show up as a device and you can openlike it's an external hard drive to copy the file.

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iPhone 4 at WalMart on June 24th

New iPhone 4 at WalMart

If you wish to avoid the expected lines at the Apple and AT&T stores when the new iPhone 4 is released on June 24th, you have some options this year.

WalMart has announced that they will have the iPhone 4 on that date too. While WalMart has carried previous versions of the iPhone, this is the first time that they have had a new iPhone product on the official launch date.

WalMart is not the only retail alternative for the new iPhone however. It's rumored that Best Buy and Radio Shack will also have the new phone on June 24th too.

Apple has already announced that pre-orders for the iPhone 4 will start on June 15th.
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