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MyPhone Express Review (iPhone Movies, Television Shows, Ringtones)

MyPhone Express Review

Are you looking for free movies, apps, ringtones, etc. for your iPhone??

A company called MyPhone Express has come out with a terrific service that I wanted to review for my readers. With an MyPhone Express membership, you can legally download unlimited free iPhone games, free iPhone movies, free iPhone TV shows, free iPhone music videos, free.. well you get the picture! The members area is absolutely awesome and I wish I would have found this when I frst got my phone.

The members area has everything you will need to build an iPhone library of your very own right away (and all of the free apps you can ever want too). All of the tools you'll need are there with some very helpful guides so you can get started right away. They also have a 24/7 technical support staff available to answer any questions. One more thing... the movies, videos and television shows are DVD quality - crystal clear iPhone video and sound.

I hope you'll take some time to explore the MyPhone Express website. Make sure you take the free tour! Here's one testimonial from their site:
I cant believe I found this website, I now have a fully loaded iPhone thanks to you guys with loads of movies and games on it! it's so cool! I would recommend MyPhone Express to anyone with an iPhone.
                - Danny B, London

How to Make an iPhone App

How to Make an iPhone App

While searching the phrase "How to Make an iPhone App" on Google, I stumbled upon "MyPhoneRiches" by Charlie Parker and found the product to be so good that I wanted to pass it on to my readers. The eBook discusses the iPhone App business (creating, selling and marketing), and it demystifies the process of creating an app and getting it listed in the Apple iTunes Store.

You can check it out on the MyPhoneRiches website.

iPhone Cracks May Activate Replacement Warranty

iPhone Cracks May Activate Replacement Warranty

Does your iPhone have hairline cracks in the plastic body?

Lots of iPhone users have reported seeing hairline type cracks in the plastic bodies of their Apple iPhones. Often described as “hairline fractures,” these little defects usually appear around the iPhone’s ports and buttons, but they have been reported to appear in other places as well.

While it is unlikely that a Mac Genius will replace your iPhone if has been obviously dropped or mistreated, you should still consider taking it in for replacement. These hairline cracks are a documented defect and Apple has been known to replace iPhones because of the problem.

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iPhone Trick: Tap to the TOP

I just discovered a cool iPhone trick and wanted to share it.

Did you know that you can automatically scroll to the top of the page in any iPhone application by just tapping on the "top bar"?

Yep! The top bar is that little information area at the top of your iPhone screen that has the time, service bars, and battery. If your in Safari, tapping the top bar also brings up the URL bar.

Pretty slick :)

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Cool iPhone Apps for Astronomy Buffs

5 Astronomy Apps for iPhone 3G


5 Astronomy Apps for iPhone 3G

The Apple iPhone is such an amazing platform. It’s unparalleled power and precision has allowed developers to create all assortments of useful applications for the device to further enhance its functionality.

Whether you are into social networking, personal finance, online dating, physical fitness…. you can do it all thanks to the iPhone apps that are available from iTunes. And if you happen to be interested in Astronomy like my dad is, here are some super iPhone apps that you’re sure to enjoy.



StarMap is one of the best available astronomy apps for iPhone. It can help you quickly navigate space and find new objects to observe. There are hundreds of thousands of stars in its database which will keep you busy for hours!

GoSkyWatch Planetarium


GoSkyWatch Planetarium is a neat little iPhone app that helps you locate and identify planets in the sky. If you are really into science and astronomy, you are going to have lots of great experiences with the star finder and other features available in this iPhone app.

Distant Suns


The Distant Suns app for iPhone comes with thousands and thousands of objects (stars and planets). You can explore the sky very accurately with this iPhone app.

Star Walk


The Star Walk app for iPhone is a great educational tool for anyone that is interested in astronomy. You can browse the stars and galaxies, even travel in time to watch past events.

iAPOD Viewer


The iApod viewer for iPhone is a cool app that brings breathtaking pictures from galaxies near and far.

So whether you are a beginning astronomer or a real expert, the iTunes store has something for your iPhone 3G.  Happy gazing!

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Win $10,000 from iTunes

Win a $10,000 Apple iTunes Gift Card

You've seen the $25 Apple iTunes gift cards at your local retailer, right? But have you ever seen a $10,000 iTunes gift card?


The Apple iTunes website wil soon record their billionth download. To celebrate, they're giving away lots of great prizes: One winner will receive a 17” MacBook Pro; one winner will receive an iPod Touch 32GB; and one winner will receive a..

you guessed it... a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card!

You can enter the Billionth Download at App Store contest up to 25 times per day. Good luck!

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Google Adsense Stats for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Google Adsense Stats for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Do you use Adsense and have an iPhone?

You can use the iEarn app to view your Google Adsense earnings on your iPhone. See your Google Adsense earnings for today, yesterday, the last seven days, this month and even last month.

iEarn stores your credentials locally on your iPhone, connects directly with Google Adsense using https, and no username, password or personal data are sent to any servers other than the Google Adsense Web Server.

The amounts are downloaded and displayed from the iPhone using the same web browser you use to browse pages from iPhone. iEarn in addition converts your earnings from USD to EUR,AUS,GBP,RUB,CAD with current exchange rates.

You can download the iEarn App for Google Adsense by clicking:

Clickbank Stats App for iPhone

Clickbank Stats for the iPhone and iPod Touch

What is ClickBank Stats?

ClickBank Stats is an application for iPhone and iPod touch users which enables you to check your ClickBank earnings on your device.

It eliminates the need to open a browser and type in your ClickBank login every time you want to check your sales data. Instead, ClickBank Stats logs in automatically, fetches your sales stats and displays it nicely on your device along with some cool graphs.

What about my ClickBank username and password are they safe ?

Yes. ClickBank Stats communicates directly with ClickBank servers via HTTPS secure protocol. Your login credentials are being stored on your device only, and sent only to ClickBank.

What network access do I need?

CB Stats works with all types of network access that your device can handle.
The loading of the stats shouldn't take more then 10 seconds whether you are using Edge, 3G or dsl/adsl or other broad band access via Wi-Fi.

You can download the ClickBank Stats App by clicking:
CB Stats

Introducing the Nokia 810 Internet Tablet for Google Android Platform

The number of wirelss mobile devices that have successfully ported Google Android is growing fast. Here's a screenshot of a Nokia 810 Internet Tablet that looks very cool indeed.

The N810 Internet Tablet is not a phone. Instead this internet "appliance" allows the user to browse the Internet and communicate using Wi-Fi networks or with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

PacketVideo is Bringing Live TV to the iPhone

The iPhone is a super multimedia device already but it will soon become revolutionary with the release of the new mobile PacketVideo application. PacketVideo software is bringing live television to the iPhone by enabling the delivery of operator-branded television and digital video services on demand.

Along with the expected video streaming and playback capabilities, PacketVideo's CORE supports middleware services that can deliver live content and on-demand content - should be very cool!

Major mobile operators should be launching multimedia video apps in the Apple store within 6-8 weeks.

My iPhone Wishlist... A Nintendo Wii Controller

Are you looking for some new "techie" ways to shed those unwanted pounds?

I know this is an iPhone and Android blog and I promise we'll get to that in just a minute. I need to divert to the Nintendo Wii for just a moment though because it rocks in the exercise department and it actually ties in with my iPhone wishlist.

I just got my first Wii for Christmas and I'm addicted to their fitness games! I'm working out (well, er... playing games) constantly on this thing and I cannot get over how easy it is to exercise when you're using this type of technology. My friend at the daily planet turned me on to snowboarding ala Wii - very cool because we don't do a lot of snow boarding here in Honolulu. She even brags about her Wii fitness routine.

Now the iPhone developers have developed a pretty slick little exercise app too called StepTrak Lite. It's a free pedometer app that is unbelievably accurate on my afternoon walks. In any case, Step Track lite is excellent and well worth downloading. In fact, it is currently the #1 app in the health and fitness category.

So here we have these two technology giants, Nintendo Wii and the Apple iPhone, and both are revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. My iPhone is a phone, an iPod, and an Internet Browser all in one unit.

Which leads me back to my iPhone wishlish...

I wish my iPhone could serve as my Nintendo Wii controller!

That way I could use the iPhone pedometer on my afternoon walks to my friend Malena's house. Then I could use it as my iPhone Nintendo Wii controller and go snowboarding with her. Then I could switch back to my pedometer app and walk back home again.

Wouldn't that be cool?

Testing Your Hearing with the Apple iPhone

From the "what will they think of next" department, Bina’s Audiometry is an amazingly accurate hearing test app for your iPhone.

Measuring your threshold of hearing for sounds of different frequencies, you can use it to find out the frequency range you can hear. According to the developer, most people should be able to hear up to around 15 kHz, and in general frequencies around 17 kHz and higher can usually heard only be heard by people under 20.

Audiometry is an effective hearing test that measures your threshold of hearing for sounds of different frequencies - find out just how far your ears can hear ranging frequencies.

App is $0.99 in AppStore

Question.... Is the iPhone 3G Too Expensive at $199?

When Apple launched the iPhone 3G, they dropped the price on the 8GB model to what I felt was a very reasonable $199. Many folks complained that the price should be cheaper however, suggesting $99 or perhaps even free with a carrier subsidy.

Interestingly enough, it's not just the consumer that is suggesting the price needs an adjustment. Research by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty indicates that iPhone sales were half as strong in September and October when compared to July and August. To increase sales, Huberty has stated that Apple should take heed to the current rumors and cut the price in half to $100. She believes that this strategy could double iPhone sales without any negative effect on profits because of the data subsidy from AT&T.

So what do you think? Is the $199 iPhone still too expensive? What price is fair and attractive?

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Book Review: iPhone for Dummies
Kogan Agora Release Date is January 29.... 2009

iPhone for Dummies

iPhone for Dummies:
  • Activate your own service
  • Master the multitouch interface
  • Turn on the speaker phone
  • Use Visual Voicemail
  • Get video, podcasts, and RSS feeds
  • Surf the Web with your iPhone
  • Browse your iTunes library and create playlists
  • Send and receive text messages and notes
  • Choose wallpaper and ringtones
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Lock your iPhone and secure your stuff
It's amazing that the authors can know all this complex stuff and yet present it in such an easy-to-follow format. I really didn't expect to learn anything new about my iPhone when I got the book from a friend. Wow! Was I ever wrong. Every tip works flawlessly. I would recommend iPhone for Dummies to every iPhone owner. Going even further, I think Apple and AT&T should include it with every purchase.
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Review of the Twitter Tweetie App for the iPhone 3G

If you use Twitter, Tweetie is a really useful Twitter app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app has all the features that active Twitter users need with a super clean interface. There’s not much lacking in this iPhone App, and I believe it's worth every penny of it's $2.99 pricetag.

Sign in with one of your Twitter accounts when you start up the app. I say "one of your Twitter accounts" because this app allows for you to register multiple accounts.After logging in, there are four main buttons (Tweets, Replies, Messages, and Favorites) and a more button for you to delve through. In More you’ll find My Profile, Following, Followers, Trends, and Search.

You can read additional information including customer reviews at the iTunes store:

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