Review of the Twitter Tweetie App for the iPhone 3G

If you use Twitter, Tweetie is a really useful Twitter app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app has all the features that active Twitter users need with a super clean interface. There’s not much lacking in this iPhone App, and I believe it's worth every penny of it's $2.99 pricetag.

Sign in with one of your Twitter accounts when you start up the app. I say "one of your Twitter accounts" because this app allows for you to register multiple accounts.After logging in, there are four main buttons (Tweets, Replies, Messages, and Favorites) and a more button for you to delve through. In More you’ll find My Profile, Following, Followers, Trends, and Search.

You can read additional information including customer reviews at the iTunes store:



  1. I can't find your EC widget to give your 50 ECs for the support in my link love. May I know the name of your blog submitted to EC. Thanks. I typed in android project but nothing came out.

  2. I would call Tweetie the very best Twitter app there is for the iPhone, it seriously rocks!

  3. Hands down, best app I have on my phone. Sseriously, that app is greatnes... I would say it is by far the most used app on my phone, and the only app I have ever moved down to that little bar that holds the four icons in the bottom. It does everything I need it to do, plus a bunch of other stuff that is just cool...

    ... and let's not forget that supercool 'locating' graphic... makes me feel like a spaceship captain...


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