iPhone for Dummies

iPhone for Dummies:
  • Activate your own service
  • Master the multitouch interface
  • Turn on the speaker phone
  • Use Visual Voicemail
  • Get video, podcasts, and RSS feeds
  • Surf the Web with your iPhone
  • Browse your iTunes library and create playlists
  • Send and receive text messages and notes
  • Choose wallpaper and ringtones
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Lock your iPhone and secure your stuff
It's amazing that the authors can know all this complex stuff and yet present it in such an easy-to-follow format. I really didn't expect to learn anything new about my iPhone when I got the book from a friend. Wow! Was I ever wrong. Every tip works flawlessly. I would recommend iPhone for Dummies to every iPhone owner. Going even further, I think Apple and AT&T should include it with every purchase.
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  1. I dunno... I think that the iPhone is so intuitive that you don't really need something like that... I mean... after like a couple of hours with mine I pretty much knew everything there was to know...


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