Question.... Is the iPhone 3G Too Expensive at $199?

When Apple launched the iPhone 3G, they dropped the price on the 8GB model to what I felt was a very reasonable $199. Many folks complained that the price should be cheaper however, suggesting $99 or perhaps even free with a carrier subsidy.

Interestingly enough, it's not just the consumer that is suggesting the price needs an adjustment. Research by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty indicates that iPhone sales were half as strong in September and October when compared to July and August. To increase sales, Huberty has stated that Apple should take heed to the current rumors and cut the price in half to $100. She believes that this strategy could double iPhone sales without any negative effect on profits because of the data subsidy from AT&T.

So what do you think? Is the $199 iPhone still too expensive? What price is fair and attractive?

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  2. I think the price is not bad as it stands right now.

  3. I think the price is okay, what gets me is the $30 data plan every month!

  4. Yes I agree about the $30/month data package. That monthly price subsidizes the lower cost of the phone so you're really paying more than $199.

    How about the $30 unlimited texting? Fair of not?

  5. No friggin way... but I do think that 30 dollars for unlimited text is CRAP! If we have unlimited data... then we should be allowed to text!

  6. well...i dont think that 200$ for iPhone 3G is Moscow it costs around 900$....))


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