5 Astronomy Apps for iPhone 3G


5 Astronomy Apps for iPhone 3G

The Apple iPhone is such an amazing platform. It’s unparalleled power and precision has allowed developers to create all assortments of useful applications for the device to further enhance its functionality.

Whether you are into social networking, personal finance, online dating, physical fitness…. you can do it all thanks to the iPhone apps that are available from iTunes. And if you happen to be interested in Astronomy like my dad is, here are some super iPhone apps that you’re sure to enjoy.



StarMap is one of the best available astronomy apps for iPhone. It can help you quickly navigate space and find new objects to observe. There are hundreds of thousands of stars in its database which will keep you busy for hours!

GoSkyWatch Planetarium


GoSkyWatch Planetarium is a neat little iPhone app that helps you locate and identify planets in the sky. If you are really into science and astronomy, you are going to have lots of great experiences with the star finder and other features available in this iPhone app.

Distant Suns


The Distant Suns app for iPhone comes with thousands and thousands of objects (stars and planets). You can explore the sky very accurately with this iPhone app.

Star Walk


The Star Walk app for iPhone is a great educational tool for anyone that is interested in astronomy. You can browse the stars and galaxies, even travel in time to watch past events.

iAPOD Viewer


The iApod viewer for iPhone is a cool app that brings breathtaking pictures from galaxies near and far.

So whether you are a beginning astronomer or a real expert, the iTunes store has something for your iPhone 3G.  Happy gazing!

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