My iPhone Wishlist... A Nintendo Wii Controller

Are you looking for some new "techie" ways to shed those unwanted pounds?

I know this is an iPhone and Android blog and I promise we'll get to that in just a minute. I need to divert to the Nintendo Wii for just a moment though because it rocks in the exercise department and it actually ties in with my iPhone wishlist.

I just got my first Wii for Christmas and I'm addicted to their fitness games! I'm working out (well, er... playing games) constantly on this thing and I cannot get over how easy it is to exercise when you're using this type of technology. My friend at the daily planet turned me on to snowboarding ala Wii - very cool because we don't do a lot of snow boarding here in Honolulu. She even brags about her Wii fitness routine.

Now the iPhone developers have developed a pretty slick little exercise app too called StepTrak Lite. It's a free pedometer app that is unbelievably accurate on my afternoon walks. In any case, Step Track lite is excellent and well worth downloading. In fact, it is currently the #1 app in the health and fitness category.

So here we have these two technology giants, Nintendo Wii and the Apple iPhone, and both are revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. My iPhone is a phone, an iPod, and an Internet Browser all in one unit.

Which leads me back to my iPhone wishlish...

I wish my iPhone could serve as my Nintendo Wii controller!

That way I could use the iPhone pedometer on my afternoon walks to my friend Malena's house. Then I could use it as my iPhone Nintendo Wii controller and go snowboarding with her. Then I could switch back to my pedometer app and walk back home again.

Wouldn't that be cool?


  1. I am also using iPhone, my experience both good and bad.

    Some features are really great others are not.

  2. haha yes! Now that would be cool!

    The other day though, I was playing wii tennis, and I hit myself in the head with my wiimote... it hurt SO bad! It swelled up and was sore for like three days... I don't know if my iphone could take the abuse!

  3. That is really neat! Never thought of something like that before, great idea! =)

  4. Nice Article.Your blog information is some what specific compare to other post.This is one of the good quality information.

  5. its been done but not published mainly because they dont want to get sued by Nintendo since they would be taking away from sales (no need to buy remotes we all have i-phones) maybe someone will release it as a jail broken app


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