Motorola Android Launch Just in Time for Christmas... Christmas, 2009

According to Dan Frommer, Motorola is restructuring their entire mobile phone portfolio around Android, and they are planning to launch Android phones just in time for Christmas!

Christmas 2009... 
Not until next Christmas season, co-CEO Sanjay Jha said on this morning's Q3 earnings call. That's later than the "sometime in the second quarter of 2009" that BusinessWeek reported earlier this month.

With the Christmas '09 announcement, Motorola is clearly moving at a much SLOWER pace than we’d prefer, and their timeline does not take possible delays into account. But as Gizmodo properly points out, Android is supposed to make the lives of manufacturers EASIER, and to their credit they are at least being honest and up front about timelines and goals.

Timing is everything, and I’m not sure if Christmas 2009 is even worth counting on yet.

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