Cool Apps - Now a Vision Test on the iPhone

There's an App for That!

iPhone owners in need of a vision test might want to look at a neat little app called Eye Test for iPhone. Very useful for people who need to do visual acuity testing routinely, this iPhone app is a portable vision testing tool for visual illusion, accuity, and color testing. Yes, you read correctly... there is now an iPhone application that will run a routine eye examination.

The test is surprisingly similar to what you get when you go to the eye doctor. You can set the testing distance to 0.5, 1.0, or 1.5 meters to measure your visual acuity and you can test to see if you're color blind. Then, the app lets you  record the results directly on the iPhone so you can see how they have changed over time.

I found Eye Test for iPhone interesting, but I'm not sure that everyone will find it helpful. It does work well if you're colorblind and the images that you get to go through to find patterns are pretty fun too. All in all it's a pretty slick little app that will do about everything you need - except for writing the prescription if it says you need glasses!

If you need eyeglasses, Eric Hammer's Blog suggests buying them from Zenni Optical. They sell top quality prescription zzz for 8 bucks a pair!


  1. lol what will they think of next!!

  2. Wonder if this works? It seems a little far fetched to me!

  3. Weird and wacky - but there have been over a thousand downloads! I just don't see how that could possibly work, and even if it did all that it could possibly do is motivate you to go to an eye doctor for a real test. Most people don't need an eye test to see if they need to have an eye test. Just sayin'.


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