iPhone Website Testing New Utility

I Love My iPhone Goes Hi-Tech

In our continuing effort to improve the experience for our I Love My iPhone audience, I have added a utility called Blog Copy to this website.

BlogCopy is designed to monitor which chunks of text and which particular images our readers copy from this blog. If a reader highlights "iPhone 4 Sim Card is Missing Error" from this site and then pastes it into a new blog post of their own. I'll be alerted.

If a reader finds a phrase on this site like "iPhone 4 bugs and problems" and enters it into a search engine, I'll know. I'll have a much better idea of what images, phrases, and words are of most interest to my readers.

Go ahead and give it a try if you want. Here are some phrases to copy and paste:

iPhone 4 sells out quickly
what's the deal with Apple iPhone 3GS?
iPhone coupons and codes
is it cheaper to buy an iPhone 3G now?

As always, thanks for being a loyal reader of I Love My iPhone!

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  1. I just highlighted some text and I want to see if it shows up!

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  6. I wonder when the iPhone 5 will be coming out and what kind of features it will have?


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